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Welcome To Mile 22 Film Locations

Mile 22 Film Locations is here to serve the location filming needs of the visual entertainment and advertising industries.

This website is designed specifically for location scouts/managers to provide a "one stop shop" for a unique variety of film locations all of which are owned by a single, film-friendly entity.

As the property owner's designated representative, Mile 22 coordinates all aspects of the process, to include the initial site tour, contract negotiations, and site coordination during load-in, film, and strike days. And, with a portfolio of properties ranging from single-family and multi-family residential, commercial, and institutional (including schools, a medical clinic, and churches), one call to Mile 22 dramatically simplifies the logistics of onsite production.

Why are we called Mile 22? To let you know how easily accessible these locations are. Most of our properties are 22 miles from the center of the Studio Zone.

If after you've perused our properties you haven't found the ideal location for your project, simply tell us what you're looking for and, chances are, we can locate it for you!

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